Gamini Ratnavira

“I have admired Gamini Ratnavira and his artwork for years. He is a seasoned veteran who has established himself among the best especially in the area of rainforest subject matter, as evidenced by the wide selection of his work in the national traveling exhibition which I curated entitled ART OF THE RAINFOREST. But when I recently saw Gamini's new direction, influenced and shaped by Japanese style, I was blown away. Not only are these paintings new and beautiful and strong, but they are also an indicator of just how talented and versatile he is as an artist. I might add that Gamini surprised me in another way a few years ago when he produced his first bronze and I exhibited it at the National Geographic Society in Washington, D.C.”

David J. Wagner, Ph.D.

Gamini begins the process in clay, then has the cast made and refinished with patina or he hand paints each bronze in acrylics. Click to see "Clown of the Canopy" (Toco Toucan) in progress.

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Jewel of Brazil

Mama's Pride - edition sold out

Hummingbird Pair

Resplendant Quetzal

Clown of the Canopy