Fall 2004

Gamini Helps Design New Project Wildlife T-shirt!

Gamini is proud to be working with Project Wildlife for their new t-shirt and Lake Miramar educational Kiosk. They have a wonderful hummingbird rescue program and the volunteers are lovers of nature and are a joy to know! For more information visit their website. Happy Autumn!~Lisa and Gamini


Summer 2004


Tickets on Sale Now -- AFA Drawing Aug. 7, 2004!
Buy by mail; You need not be present to win.

Three Gamini Originals -- All in One Frame.
Triptych Is Valued at $3,000!
Click on the Triptych for details.

Fall 2003 - January 2004

This jaguar 12x16 oil on canvas valued at $3,000 can be yours for only $5.00 if you are the lucky winner!

  We are raffling this to raise money for research for a dear friend and client of ours Dani Sacks. She is the oldest surviving Fanconi Anemia patient with the particular gene mutation that she has. The money is to support Fanconi Anemia Research as this has helped cancer research as well. One of the Fanconi Anemia genes is identical to the breast cancer gene BRCA-2. Most FA children who make it to adulthood die young from cancer. Dani is also legally blind from fighting diabetes. She loved Gamini’s artwork and has attended numerous artshows ….she even has a butterfly watercolor in her room. She is the most hilarious and cheerful person we know and her family is a blessing to our family.

The website for Fanconi Anemia Research Fund is: www.fanconi.org.

Please support this amazing research. The raffle tickets are $5.00 for one or $25.00 for 6. Please mail to the gallery and we will send all money collected directly to her family to give to the Fanconi Anemia Research Fund. The gallery address is:

Hidden Forest Art Gallery
936 S. Live Oak Park Road
Fallbrook, California 92028 USA


Lisa and Gamini Ratnavira

  Here is Dani with Andrea at Camp Sunshine last year, a camp for critically ill children and young adults. Dani's the one with the
butterfly shirt.


Summer 2003

This panda mother and baby is a 12" x 16" oil
on canvas board valued at $3,000



Natalie's Pegasus soccer team is raising funds to play a tournament in
Sweden and travel to Italy next summer. We are raffeling this original to raise funds on June 30th. To participate clients can purchase one ticket for $5.00 or 6 tickets for $25.00. In addition The Collector jewelry store (www.palagems.com) is donating a 4.26K pink tourmaline valued at $800, so there will be two winners in the raffle


Fall 2002

Wildlife Artist Association presenting Gamini with a
Hall of Fame Award on December 7th!


Artist Profile - Gamini Ratnavira

In 1990, Gamini met with Larry Waggoner in Yellowstone to discuss the wildlife art scene. They felt that it was predominantly in the Midwest and along the East Coast, and that our Southern and Western Wildlife artists were being neglected. They sought to gain appreciation for this talent, and to promote and advertise it, by forming the Southern California Wildlife Artist Association in the early 1990's. Gamini’s role was as an advisor and encouraging new artists to join. He also spoke with Bob Koenke and got the Wildlife Art News involved as a means of promotion.

Gamini was also instrumental in the founding of the Reflections of Nature wildlife art show in Fallbrook. He wanted to promote the local artists and help Fallbrook become identified as an artist colony. The first show was held in the Palomares House with only twenty artists. As the show became more successful, they were able to purchase the Art and Cultural Center. The success of this show and the subsequent Jr. Wildlife Art Show has been very helpful to the community of Fallbrook and the artists. The show is now in its tenth year, and between forty and fifty painters and sculptors exhibit the first weekend of each May. Gamini has retired from Directing the show and now just oversees his ‘baby’, the Jr. Wildlife Art Show. He believes in educating the children about conservation and art, and - through the children - their families in the future.

Gamini’s bird watching life list is now in the four-thousands from the thirty-six countries he has traversed to research the flora and fauna that he loves to paint. He recently studied the Spix Macaw at Loro Parque in Tenerife, the Canary Islands. The Spix has been extinct from the Caatinga forests in Brazil for one year and Gamini hopes to raise funds through an upcoming print for the continued work towards its captive breeding (there are currently 60) until the numbers reach an amount to safely reintroduce to the wild.

The environmental and conservation side of his work comes from being raised in a beautiful tropical Island like Sri Lanka, and the Buddhist influence in his upbringing to respect and honor all forms of life. He has depicted thirty-eight postage stamps of the flora and fauna of Sri Lanka; still one of his all time career highs.


Spix Macaw

Jewels of Brazil - Hyacinth Macaws

Gamini recently displayed his painting Green Cheeks at Birds in Art, currently on tour. His Jewels of the Cloud Forest (Golden Collared Macaws) was on tour with Society of Animal Artists, and - this year - his Crowned Jewels of Panama (Blue Crowned Mot Mots) is on tour with them. Last year his Ode to the Everglades (Purple Gallinules) was on tour with the Arts for the Parks top 100.

Gamini exhibits at the Southeastern Wildlife Expo in Charleston, South Carolina; the Waterfowl Festival in Easton, Maryland; the Reflections of Nature in Fallbrook, California; and recently exhibited one man shows in Bermuda and at Lorro Parque's Parrot Convention in Tenerife, Canary Islands.

Gamini and John Seerey-Lester taught a fabulous week long workshop in May at his own Hidden Forest Art Gallery, and he continues to teach one on one workshops with his students. He also has a permanent collection of San Diego's endangered species at the San Diego Natural History Museum, and illustrated the Vanishing Wildlife of Texas - including a tour of fifty-four originals - to help raise funds for this organization. He has been published in several books including 60 Contemporary Masters and
their Work
, Best of Wildlife Art II, Even Frogs Care and several hummingbird plates in
Dr. James Clements' Birds of Peru.

Gamini recently wed his long time partner and gallery director Lisa Albright, and they are raising three children: Natalie-12, Beau-11, and Brook Adam-7. They love to travel, garden, and go bird watching
together. Lisa and he have been to Africa, Panama, Bermuda, Canada, Spain, London, and Tenerife in the Canary Islands.



Lisa & Gamini
Married on September 15th at the house ~ hummingbirds and orchids were
Lisa and Gamini's theme…


An Ode to the Spix Macaw
by Lisa Albright Ratnavira

Ode to your ancestry
your azurite blue majesty
observing your freedom
so far from reality
aware of your desire to
overcome your fragility
once in your caatinga
life aplenty
conquered by Spaniards
and greed from royalty
you love, you fear
your alarm calls saved
your indigenous peoples
and yet you were caged
for the masses
now extinct in the wild
just 60 remain in captivity
I am in awe of your beauty
your human emotions
searching my eyes
discovering my frailty
your ancestry dates back to 60 million
years prior surviving until we appeared only
200,000 years ago..we are responsible
for your extinction
forgive us our trespasses
teach us your spirituality
I pay homage to your ancestry
I believe in your eventual release to the wild
from captivity
believe in our ability to
release our greed in order
to work collectively
to ensure this reality...

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