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We had an amazing day at Wild Wonders please visit them at or call 760-630-9230.

They will be at the Temecula Wine and Balloon festival and have very exciting African tours coming up as well as continuing conservation efforts in Borneo and Africa.



  • People often ask us, "How long does it take to paint an original?" I try to explain 50 years of making a living as an artist, painting 7 days a week 6 to 10 hours a day, Traveling to over 55 countries for original and authentic subjects, dreaming...


 We thoroughly enjoyed sampling Jerrysartarama paints, canvases and Kolinsky and Winsor Newton brushes while Gamini taught the class how to paint Blue and Gold Macaws. We experimented with proportion, lighting, washes, and subtle backgrounds.  We are looking forward to...


The auction for United States Association of Reptile Keepers USARK raised $4,000 at the Reptile Super Show with Gamini's donation of the Blue Monitor Lizard painted for the Reptile Super Show's t-shirt.  The bidding war was a delight to watch as the painting sold for $...


This Wednesday March 1st we will be open to the public from 10am to 5pm with 20-30 min tours of our aviaries, gardens, reptile enclosures, tanks and tide pool, and wildlife artist Gamini Ratnavira will be painting live in the studio.  Stop by Hidden Forest Art Gallery...


We had such an amazing experience at Reefapalooza in Novemember we signed up for 3 more shows!  Looking forward to seeing our fellow marine life enthusiasts in Orlando, Fl May 6,7; New York June 24, 25 and Anaheim, CA Oct. 7,8th...can't wait to...


May all living beings

    Be well and happy

May they be health

    And free from disease

May they be free from

    Mental and physical suffering

May they lead a life

    Rich with tolerance

Compassion and patience

May they experience



 Gamini Ratnavira has been a professional wildlife artist for over 48 years, devoting his life to creating the beauty he sees and hopes will remain for future generations. He has traveled to well over 55 countries and depicts accurate flora and fauna in his works of ar...


It was such an honor to meet Joan from devoted to the preservation of primary forest trees…a lady of my own heart!! Gamini painted these Toco Toucans in the late 80’s and made this limited edition print which we are donating to her organization Old...


In memory of Natalie Ratnavira, we hosted a day of painting and conservation work from California’s largest lake, the Salton Sea. Millions of animals and countless peoplle would be harmed by the loss of the Salton Sea- so we came together to bring awareness and fundrai...

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