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Happy New Year 2017

May all living beings

Be well and happy

May they be health

And free from disease

May they be free from

Mental and physical suffering

May they lead a life

Rich with tolerance

Compassion and patience

May they experience

Good will, friendliness and joy

May they smile at death

Aware of the absence of a

Lasting and unchanging soul

Resolving to live a noble

Life in honor of all departed loved ones.


I wrote this feeling inspired watching Gam paint as we discuss the Jataka stories and Metta Sutta or loving is my take:

May all loving beings

seek the path to peace

becoming grounded not chasing status

born or yet to be born

May all beings be happy in themselves

Releasing anger; embracing loving kindness

Like a parent with their own child

Protecting that child with their own life

This infinite love we give to one another

And honor our wise elders who walked these paths before us

May all beings everywhere

laugh with their entire soul

freed from doubts and permanency.

May 2017 be a year filled with kindness, travels, laughter and love.

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