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Hot Off The Press:

Exciting news! Our long-awaited Hummingbird book, featuring Gamini's stunning artwork of all 365 species, will be available the week of July 13, 2024. Each painting is meticulously crafted with Turner acryl gouache on premium watercolor paper. Originals will be released post-book launch. Special thanks to Bob & Sherri Ashley and Dr. Gordon Schuett of ECO Publishing for their support. Pre-orders for the 12.75 x 9.5" book are open—join our mailing list on Find us at the Hummingbird Festival in Sedona AZ, Chiricahua Desert Museum, Hidden Forest Art Gallery, Amazon, and more. Thank you for your continued support!


Hardcover: $79.95 (limited to 1,000 copies)

Leatherbound: $199.95 (limited to 150 copies)

Shipping:  Within USA $20, Canada $65, Australia $100, Sri Lanka $105.

Reserve Yours: via email Please request hardcover or Leatherbound and if you will be picking up (or at our next show) or require shipping.  Thank you.

The Library Ratnavira:

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