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Greeting cards by Gamini & Lisa Ratnavira

Cards are 4.6 x 7.2" with white envelopes painting on front, sketch inside, handcrafted paper, QR code and sri lankan stamps created by Gamini are interspersed within the cards. Glossy (G) Matte (M)

Cards are $3.99 plus shipping or $40 per dozen with $5 shipping.

Paypal/Email: with shipping address we also accept Venmo and Zelle

or text 1 (760) 703- 2930

Thank you !

1.  Elephant (G) 2.  Coquette Hummingbirds with white orchids (G) 3. Allens hummingbirds with web (G) 4.  Toco Toucans (G) 5.  Blue and Gold Macaws (G) 6.  Plate billed Mountain Toucans (G) 7.  Costas hummingbird with sunflower (G) 8.  Raquet tailed hummingbird with pink orchids  (G)  9.Annas hummingbird with fuschias (G) 10.  Purple throated mountain gem with orchid (M)11. Dart frogs with orchids (M) 12.  Buddha with orchids (M) 13.  La Jolla Sea Lions  (M)14.  Ode to the Sea poem (M) 15.  Skunk (M) 16. Lotus flowers with Dragonfly (M) 17.  White necked Jacobin (hummingbird) with pink orchid (M)


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