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Meet the artist ....Gamini Ratnavira

Gamini Ratnavira has been a professional wildlife artist for over 48 years, devoting his life to creating the beauty he sees and hopes will remain for future generations. He has traveled to well over 55 countries and depicts accurate flora and fauna in his works of art. He works with acrylic, watercolor, oils, and guache. His objective is to connect his viewer to what he sees and feels. The above photo shows him interacting with Meadow a beautiful fox and favorite visitor at Wild Wonders educational animal facility.

This beautiful fox was our daughter Natalie's best friend and one whom she poured her heart and soul and dreams out to during her visits and at work. The wonderful people at Wild Wonders brought her into the hospital and Nat was able to feel the warmth and love between their two precious souls one last time before exiting this earth.

I believe an artist transfers a bit of their soul onto each canvas they paint. In the painting below I feel the love of Meadow, Gam, and Nat in each brushstroke. Though this painting depicts a red fox and Meadow is a gray fox the emotions exist as the viewer imagines the protective love a parent has for their child.

Deep down Gam, is a bit of a recluse, I bought him this t-shirt as a joke, but there is an element of truth behind the laughter.

One of the best experiences of coming to the gallery is meeting Gamini and listening to his stories and travels behind each painting, and learning about his Buddhist philosophy regarding his life in Sri Lanka and here in the States. I hope you will have a chance to come by our gallery one day soon.

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