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New Releases...."Brushes with Nature" by Gamini Ratnavira and "Birds of Sri Lanka An

Gamini and LIsa with "Brushes with Nature" publishers Fiona and Asoka Yappa at the Dec. 16th launch in Sri Lanka

Images from "Brushes with Nature" written and illustrated by Gamini Ratnavira a delightful early years biography including many of the pets he raised, including a baby elephant named Maya, in Sri Lanka.

Gamini with cousin Ravi Weerapura

Dr. Sarath Kotagama and Gamini Ratnavira at University of Colombo launch of their revised and upgraded edition of The Birds of Sri Lanka An Illustrated Guide by Sarath Kotagama and Gamini Ratnavira.

Dec. 14th launch of the new book at University of Colombo

Dec. 16th launch of "Brushes with Nature" at BMICH Gamini, Madura de Silva

New releases December 2017 in Sri Lanka

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