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How long does it take for Gamini to complete a painting?

People often ask us, "How long does it take to paint an original?" I try to explain 50 years of making a living as an artist, painting 7 days a week 6 to 10 hours a day, Traveling to over 55 countries for original and authentic subjects, dreaming the compositions, sketching continuously, a bird life list in the 4000's and a single focus and discipline it is simply an honor to witness. For 20 years I have woken up to the next creation...when our kids were young running around him playing ninja tag and spies he kept painting, took breaks to coach their soccer games or watch their rugby, tennis, football, kendo, martial arts and always right back to the easel. I think this is one of the greatest lessons he taught what you love...but Do It! Daily with discipline never ever stop! What is your passion something you feel born to do?

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