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Winter 2024 Newsletter

What's on the canvas these days?

Gamini has painted all of the Hummingbirds of the world for an upcoming exhibition and book; he painted 363 species! Our publishers are hoping for a book release Spring of 2024. His latest paintings are posted on our website under our "Currently Available Originals" gallery on the bottom of our home page.

Gamini painting Dotted Fan Orchid

Image from the Art of the Hummingbird

"Peruvian Sunset" 18 x 24' Acryl Gouache on Canvas Read in the news article on Gamini

Happy New Year! May 2024 be filled with travel, creativity and memories to cherish. Please visit: an online store with recent original Sri Lankan stsmp artwork, seasonal gift items, books, and more. Our Facebook site is : Hidden Forest Art Gallery

Our Instagram site is @gaminiratnavira This year we will be focusing on hummingbirds and orchids for our upcoming shows in Santa Barbara, Pomona, and Sedona (see events page for details).

We are looking forward to some upcoming books an updated field guide to the land Mammals of Sri Lanka illustrated by Gamini Ratnavira and written by Asoka Yappa.

And a release of Bill Larson's Tourmaline History of the Himalaya Mine in San Diego County, illustrated by Gamini.

And the Art of the Hummingbird displaying 363 images to enjoy.

Our monthly art workshops continue and we are looking forward to Saturday January 13th from 10-3pm for our next one.

Looking forward to the year ahead, and hoping to see you soon.

Ayubowan (May you have a long and healthy life), Lis and Gam Ratnavira 760-703-2927


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